The Series 200 torque limiter is a state of the art mechanical device that will disengage at a pre-set torque value.

The trip torque is set above the normal start-up and operating torque, but below a torque setting which would normally damage the driving and / or driven equipment. In the event of a jam, the torque limiter eliminates the threat of damage by disconnecting the inertia in the drive train.

In the normal drive condition, torque is transmitted through the drive balls which are seated in detents in the drive plate and the slide plate . These are all held together under pressure from spring.


Disengagement on overload
When the driven machine either jams or an overload occurs which is greater than the torque setting, the balls roll out of their seats and force apart the drive plate and the slide plate. The balls are retained by the cage plate and roll freely on the flat surface of the drive plate and slide plate.

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