The Samiflex elastic insert is manufactured from a special blend of polyurethane compound manufactured to best meet the demanding characteristics of a high performance elastic coupling.

Samiflex StatisticsSamiflex elastic inserts are offered in three styles of compound and four hardness ratings allowing the most appropriate insert to be selected for the application.

The standard elastic insert is supplied at 95 shore and is a yellow colour. High performance inserts type HD and HDT are coloured ochre and red respectively and enable Samiflex torque ratings to be increased by 40% (consult factory).

Autoflex Sami Couplings

Coupling Selection


Data required for Coupling Selection.• Application details (for service factor)
• Kilowatt and rpm of the driver
• Shaft details of the driving and driven

(1) Determine the service factor (SF) from
the application and classification lists
noted below.

(2) Calculate the maximum Kw/1000 rpm
Kw/1000 rpm =
(Kw x 1000 x SF)/rpm

Select the coupling which has a higher max

(3) Compare the maximum rpm capacity &
bore requirements to the catalogue limits
for the coupling selected


Driver: Water Turbine(75 Kw at 1500 rpm)

Driven equipment: Screw Compressor

Turbine Bore: 60 mm
Compressor Bore: 50 mm
Distance Between Shaft Ends: 140 mm

Service Factor for the Water Turbine &
Screw Compressor: SF=2

Kw/1000 rpm =
(75 Kw x 1000 x 2)/1500

Kw/1000 rpm = 100

Coupling selection based on max rating:

Coupling Bore Capacity: 75 mm

Maximum Speed for the A4B is 3275 rpm

DBSE for the A4B Type SP is 140 mm
The A4B Type SP is acceptable in this

The specifications contained within this page are correct at the time of going to print. British Autogard are continually reviewing and updating the specifications on all its product range and therefore reserve the right to change any detail

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