Autogard offer maintenance free, flexible disc and elastomeric coupling solutions.

The Autoflex Metal Membrane Coupling is designed to provide a highly reliable connection for rotating equipment. The coupling requires no lubrication and thus is maintenance free. Properly installed, the coupling is designed to provide infinite life.

Autoflex Advantages
6 Link membrane construction provides optimum power and misalignment capability

Cartridge transmission unit provides for easy assembly whilst maintaining an inherent balance to AGMA class 9.

Autoflex Metal CouplingThe Autoflex is designed to handle non-standard DBSE using factory assembled Guard Ring Packs which are bolted to a standard spacer tube. A rigid connection is ensured with 12 point body bound bolts.

Membranes are made from a special high strength 301 stainless steel.

All steel parts are manganese phosphate coated.

Hubs have been optimised to provide a larger bore capacity.

Reduced windage configuration which also provides an inherent fail-safe feature in the unlikely event of membrane failure.

Overload collar also provides an inherent fail-safe feature, protecting the membrane in the event of severe transient torque overloads.

Coupling performance is enhanced using high grade washer with an optimised radius profile.

The Autoflex membrane has been optimised using finite element analysis. This has resulted in a waisted link design which provides more flexibility and thus substantially lower reaction forces on the bearing of the connected equipment. The stresses through the new membrane design are uniform and are inherently low due to the reduced weight and inertia of the pack. The discs have been designed to provide for infinite life utilising a safety factor of 2 times on the Modified Goodman Diagram.

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