The Autogard Series 820 has been designed to meet the emerging need for a high torque, high and low speed Torque Limiter.

The Torque Limiter is designed using a modular principle.
The trip torque setting can be set to virtually any value. It is dependant upon the radius at which the modules are located and the number of modules used.

A hardened seat is built into one half of the Torque Limiter. The module unit is then located into the opposing flange in such a way that the torque is transmitted between the plunger and the hardened seat. This produces an end thrust in the plunger in proportion to the applied torque.


Series 820 - Torque Limiter

This force is resisted by a ring of segments trapped between a flat surface and a conical washer loaded by disc springs. When the axial force reaches a level greater than the reaction force through the spring mechanism, the plunger will retract forcing the segments up the plunger slope and allowing the plunger to disengage from the hardened seat. The Torque Limiter is now allowed to run free.

The trip torque is externally adjusted and is achieved by turning the adjustment nut to increase or decrease the spring pressure. Resetting is accomplished by simply aligning the two halves, positioning the plunger over the hardened seat, and tapping the reset pin with a soft hammer. Automatic reset versions are also available.

The modular Torque Limiter may incorporate an optional limit switch plate, which moves on trip and can operate a switch to stop the drive.

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