Typical Applications

1. Chain Conveyor




Chain Conveyor


The customer uses overhead conveyors to move car panels from one section of the plant to another. These conveyors form the backbone of the production process and it is therefore critical to know if any of the conveyor systems have suffered excessive wear. The conveyors form the link to the assembly line from the panel storage area and therefore form an integral part of the production process. The conveyors are driven by a gear motor from one central point. It has been found that using current has not given enough sensitivity to detect chain wear.


The customer purchased a size 5 Monitorq with a sprocket adapted to the one side of the unit. The Monitorq has been built into the overhead conveyor system to base line the chain torque and to protect against jams during production.

The Monitorq is used to determine the condition of the conveyor by measuring the torque.


As a result the early indication of wear in the conveyor the Monitorq has saved many $1000’s in lost production for the customer. Downtime is greatly reduced with a corresponding increase in productivity. Damage to the machine due to overloads has been virtually eliminated.

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