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Rexnord Offers the Latest in Industrial Torque Monitoring

The latest in industrial process torque measurement is now available from Rexnord. Monitorq is a robust and reliable torque measuring device which can be integrated into a drive line using standard power transmission products such as couplings, pulleys and gears. It provides a true measurement of torque, from any location in a drive train.

The innovative Monitorq system is comprised of a strain-gauged torque ring and an E-90 Sensor. The E-90 Sensor provides the torque ring with inductive power and receives a radio signal back from it. The radio signal is converted into an output signal proportional to torque that can be directly connected to a control system, or shown on a dedicated screen.

“The design of this latest version of Monitorq has been driven 100% by feedback from our customers,” said Rob Hucker, Product Manager, Rexnord Shaft Management Solutions. “We have removed batteries from the torque ring and replaced them with a state-of-the-art inductive power system. We have increased the accuracy of the torque signal to 1% of full-scale torque while at the same time increasing the sampling rate to 1kHz. We’re all really excited to see the first Monitorqs ship to customers.”

Rexnord Monitorq enhances equipment performance by providing a variety of functions ranging from simple overload protection to production or process control and condition monitoring, as used in modern preventative maintenance systems.

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Ordering information is available at +44 (0) 1285 640333 (UK) or 800-767-3539 (USA).
Product Sheet: Rexnord Monitorq (PTE1-004_MA4)

Rexnord Autogard 820 Remote Reset

820RRRexnord is again raising the bar on torque-overload devices. The Rexnord Autogard 820 Series Torque Limiter is already a well-known and trusted torque limiter on the market, with this latest product launch we are now adding the ability to reset the torque limiter remotely.

Save Time

The Autogard 820 Remote Reset (RR) Torque Limiter will save end-users time and money in the event of a torque overload by allowing them to get back to work even faster than the standard Autogard 820 Series Torque Limiter. Now removing machine-covers and/or coupling-guards can be avoided and even attending a remote coupling location is no longer necessary.

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Learn more about the Remote Reset function in this short Product Video

Check out the Rexnord Autogard 820 Remote-Reset Torque Limiter Product Sheet. Also available in German.


Please contact your Rexnord sales representative for more details on the total cost of ownership value and pricing information.