Torque Limiter Applications Scraper Conveyor

Torque Limiter
Typical Applications

2. Scraper conveyor


Series 820 Torque Limiter


Scraper conveyor for dust hoppers – Cement Production


As part of the process of manufacturing cement, the kilns are fitted with drag conveyors to collect the dust which drops through the hoppers. If any foreign bodies or a build-up of dust blocks the mechanism, severe damage can result. The conveyors were originally fitted with shear-pins but owing to the time required to replace these the downtime and lost production were excessive.

Drive Specification:

AC electric motor and chain drive to the conveyor.

Torque Limiters:

Ultra Module compact high-capacity torque limiter system incorporated into a 700 mm diameter duplex sprocket rotating at 6 rpm. 6 modules give a. disengaging torque of up to 21,000 Nm. Two additional modules can be fitted if required. The modules can be disengaged manually to disconnect the drive for maintenance purposes.


Downtime has been greatly reduced, as the drive is disengaged immediately there is a jam, and the modules are reset simply by tapping them as soon as the jam has been cleared. The Ultra-Module is a cost-effective and compact solution which gives a very rapid payback.

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