Torque Limiter Applications Extruder

Torque Limiter
Typical Applications

10. Extruder


Series 320 Torque Limiter


Plastic Extruder Drive


Different plastics are extruded for the production of bottles. Due to the extreme condition under which the drive
operates an accurate and reliable overload device is crucial to protect the equipment from damage.

Drive Specification:

11kW 4 Pole speed motor bolted to the flanged bracket on the reduction gearbox.
The motor shaft is coupled to the gearbox by way of a 320-2/8 SR Torque Limiter set to positively disengage at 50N.m.

Torque Limiters:

A pneumatically operated, model 602 timed size 3 “Airjustor” is fitted on the main drive of the rotating filler assembly. In addition, a 200 series ACT size 2 unit is fitted to both the star wheel and helix drive. All have an
automatic synchronous reset facility.


The gearbox was originally supplied with a friction clutch for overload protection. From passed experiences this type of clutch was unreliable and required regular maintenance due to wear. Adjustment was also inaccurate resulting in costly production stops.
The Series 320 was retro-fitted to a new gearbox and tested. The ball detent design reduced the operational wear. The unit was accurately adjusted using the torque scale. Accuracy, repeatability and reliability are maintained resulting in an overall improvement in their production and too the life of the equipment.

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