Torque Limiter Applications Bag Printing Machine

Torque Limiter
Typical Applications

6. Bag Printing Machine


Series 400 Torque Limiter


Printing Machine for Plastic Bags


The machine shown is designed to print onto flexible packaging materials notably plastic and nylon bags. When materials are misfed, they can “wrap” around the printing cylinders and cause considerable damage to the gearing, printing plates and drive. Plastic bag printing is very prone to this type of jam.

Torque Limiters:

Series 401 RR size 4 fitted directly to each print roller drive.


When a “wrap” occurs, the clutch instantly disengages releasing the inertia of the drive and isolating the effect of the jam from the expensive gears etc. Once the jam has been cleared, the drive is simply reversed to rest the
synchronous clutch, and production continues.

Downtime is greatly reduced with a corresponding increase in productivity. Damage to the machine due to overloads has been virtually eliminated.

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