Typical Applications

3. Packaging Machine




Packaging Machinery


The customer produces packaging machines for use in the food and chemical industries.. The machines are used to continuously wrap product in plastic envelopes that can either be heat or shrink sealed. The product to be packed is fed onto a backing board, which in turn is then inserted in the packaging enclosure and sealed. There are three material feed routes in the machine that need to be protected from jams: The base board feed, the product feed and the enclosure feed. The enclosed products are finally stacked in containers for point of sale display.

Drive Specification:

Each feed section of the line uses a 1hp servo based drive system to drive the section.

This gives a very high speed packaging system with up to 110 units a minute being packed. Therefore a fault due to a mis-feed or a jam means a large amount of product is lost rapidly.


Three Monitorq systems are used to determine whether the drives moving either the product to be packaged, or the packing material, has misfed and/or jammed. To determine if there is a jam, the change in torque is sensed and the resulting alarm is used to shut the drive down and inform the operator.


The customer has been able to optimize the machine speed using the protection provided by the Monitorq system.

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