Torque Limiter Applications Coal Feeder Conveyor

Torque Limiter
Typical Applications

5. Coal feeder Conveyor


Series 320 Torque Limiter


Brown Coal Feeder Conveyor – Hazelwood Power Station, Australia


Coal is fed from hoppers onto the apron feed conveyor which consists of steel slats running across to chain conveyors. The feed is uneven and the conveyor is easily over loaded. Coal also gets between the conveyor chain
sprockets and the chain forcing the chain to ride up over the sprockets. When this occurs the slats break away from the chain or in some circumstances the chain itself will break.

Drive Specification:

Electric motor direct coupled by the TL/Samiflex Coupling to a gearbox.

Torque Limiters:

Series 320, Size 2 Type 8 SR (Synchronous Reset) torque limiter.


The original drive package incorporated a very crude spring loaded clutch that was used to protect the drive. This clutch was impossible to accurately set and was not functional. The series 320 was easy to set and would accurately trip at the required torque. The overload problem was therefore eliminated preventing costly down time Hazelwood currently has 9 units in service and is planning the change out of an additional 71 units.

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