Torque Limiter Aapplications Bucket Elevator

Torque Limiter
Typical Applications

7. Bucket Elevator


Series 200 Torque Limiter


Bucket elevator for a packing machine


Measured amounts of foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals are conveyed to the filling tube of a packing machine by means of a continuous chain of buckets. The contents are then inserted into plastic bags. If the contents fall out of the buckets, they can become stuck between the chain drive and the frame, causing damage to the buckets.

Drive Specification:

The head shaft of the elevator is driven at about 30 rpm via a chain, either from the electric motor of the packaging machine, or from a geared motor.

Torque Limiters:

Model 202 size 2 fitted on the head shaft of the elevator. In this position the Autogard torque limiter trips out instantly when the buckets become jammed. The drive remains synchronized when reset.


Damage to the buckets and conveyor chain has been eliminated. Down time has been greatly reduced. The signal from the torque limiter is also sent to the drives of the other parts of the packaging process (such as weighing and bagging) to prevent build-ups. There is no longer any danger of injury to the operator.

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